Finding Common Ground

The light of God and the light of reason are not mutually exclusive, no matter how hard some in both camps try to reject the other. At the outer edges of these groups we find those who seek to advance their own cause not on its own merits but by denigrating, or outright denying the legitimacy of, the other. Thus, never the twain shall meet, nor shall harmony be found.

It’s a pity. If only they would have enough confidence in their own truths to let these face the world and be scrutinized in the light of day, chances are that they would discover that what brings enlightenment to one person is not materially different from what illumines the next. Across the spectrum, light is still light whatever the color of its particular frequency.

With that understanding, what previously seemed incompatible turns out to be just two sides of the same coin. That the two don’t overlap is not proof of irreconcilable differences but of the simple fact that this world is distracted by the limited perspective of duality.

Measurably present, yet intuitively false, duality catches us in an endless chase to resolve opposition between pros and cons, heart and mind, man and woman, past and future, left and right, young and old, or give and take.

The higher truth is that life, despite its diversity and divergent objectives, is held together by the greater force of unity. It is an innate principle in all life—from the leaves on a tree to the cells in our bodies—which seeks to hold reality together in a unified whole. This invisible magnetic force of unity attracts the particles of stuff and ideas alike and draws life toward the center of existence. Life is, it appears, either programmed or directed to aim for common ground.

Scientists would likely look to gravity, electromagnetism, dark matter, or the unified field theory for an explanation. The religious, meanwhile, call it the love of God. Whatever the label, this wondrous force works, and we’re here because of it, and that’s a good thing. So let’s leave our definitions at the door, enter the room in a spirit of cooperation, and share what we’re learning while we’re here.

Copyright 2012 Ilona Goin. All rights reserved.

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