The Fabric of History

The Golden Thread of Life is a multi-disciplinary resource on history, culture and business, faith and spirituality, health, the arts, and living.

Life is what it is by design: a connected whole, a fine tapestry in which every element is related to its surroundings and what came before. A golden thread weaves through life at every level, bringing to light patterns of deeper meaning that hint at universal principles and lasting truths. It ties together the here and now and ancient times; unites diverse religions in a common love of God; and runs through our lives like a guide line to show us the way forward.

The fabric of history is in places coarse and rough like sack cloth, as is the case in times of slavery, war, disaster, and when ruthless conquerors such as the Mongols and the Nazis ran roughshod over hapless inhabitants.  Elsewhere it appears finer than the smoothest silk woven with perfection, as at the dawn of the Ancient Egyptian civilization or in the days of hammering out history’s first nation purpose-built to ensure individual liberty, the United States of America.

Throughout this wide and rich cloth, a golden thread weaves in and out connecting times and places, people and ideas. This thread highlights timeless truths and universal principles that would be as familiar to an ancient Egyptian scholar, a Chinese Taoist monk, or an Early Christian theologian as it is to us today.

Most Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims,  and other faithful recognize the universality of higher truths. The annals of history recount numerous instances where astronomy, physics, philosophy, religion, and other disciplines have arrived at identical conclusions.

Follow the golden thread where it leads and it reveals an underlying pattern. It shows that all life is connected on many levels—built on a shared foundation and reaching for a higher destiny.

Call it divine will at work, or think of it as an internal structure or design measurable by mathematics. Either way, life contains organizing principles and unifying themes.

When we trace the golden thread from edge to edge of the cloth of history, we recognize that the path it takes and the intersections it makes draw a rich and enlightening picture of life.

Join me as I look back, ahead, and deeper into the layers of the present.  I invite your comments and insights, and encourage you to follow the golden thread in your own life.

Warm regards,

Ilona Goin

Golden Thread Numbered List copyright SSP

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